• YASKAWA ROBOT MA1550 ARC หุ่นยนต์เชื่อม หุ่นยนต์บัดกรี

YASKAWA ROBOT MA1550 ARC WELDING ROBOT หุ่นยนต์เชื่อม หุ่นยนต์บัดกรี Robot เชื่อม Robot บัดกรี โรบอทเชื่อม โรบอทบัดกรี.

The 6-axis MOTOMAN MA1550 has been developed in order to achieve optimal results in extremely difficult conditions and especially for the high demands of arc welding applications.

The MOTOMAN MA1550 was developed on the basis of the  well proven MA1400. The working range has been extended by 150 mm to 1584 mm. The superior wire feed system and integrated cable routing have been retained. This opens up new fields of application for the arc welding of bulky work pieces that are difficult to reach, while ensuring high quality results. This is assured not only by the high path accuracy of MOTOMAN robots, but also by the integrated supply lines that prevent interference in the workspace, minimise wear to the torch dress package and facilitate access to the fixture. Furthermore, power, gas and air connections are integrated in the base, allowing the implementation of a 360° workspace. Fast motion sequences and high repeatability ensure high productivity.

Key benefits.

Extended working range to provide increased flexibility for large work pieces.

Improves weld quality.

Protected cable routing inside the robot arm. 

Low space requirements thanks to streamlined design. 

Increased productivity thanks to high dynamic performance.


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YASKAWA ROBOT MA1550 ARC หุ่นยนต์เชื่อม หุ่นยนต์บัดกรี

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