• YASKAWA Robot EXP2900 หุ่นยนต์พ่นสี หุ่นยนต์ทาสี

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The flexible, high-performance EPX2900 MOTOMAN painting robot increases finishing quality, consistency and throughput, while dramatically lowering operating costs and decreasing wasted material.

The EPX2900 robot is ideal for painting automotive bodies and plastic component parts, agricultural equipment or any large part. It offers superior performance and creates smooth, consistent finish with outstanding efficiency for painting and dispensing applications. This robot features a hollow wrist design and is ideal for painting contoured parts such as interior/exterior surfaces. It is well suited for mounting spray equipment applicators. Interference between the hose and parts/fixtures is avoided thus ensuring optimum cycle time and robot reach/access.

Protection level:

II2G Ex px II T4.

II2D Ex pD 21 Tmax 135°C.


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YASKAWA Robot EXP2900 หุ่นยนต์พ่นสี หุ่นยนต์ทาสี

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