• Wiper polyester polygon ผ้าทำความสะอาด
Polygon ผ้าทำความสะอาด ผ้าเช็ดชิ้นงานปลอดฝุ่น
Polydon wipe is constructed from 100dgc polyester textured filament yarns stitched in
double-knit no-run interlock pattern cleanroom laundered and packaged in iso class 4 it
is ideal for critical environment application

1 100dgc polyester double-knit
2 cleanroom laundered and packaged in double bag
3 variety of sizes and packing option
4 low in both particles and extractables
5 abrasion and chemical resistant
6 good sorbency with solvents
7 non-abrasive texture cleans surfaces without scratching
cutting edge

cool cut ultrasonic seal edge laser seal edge heat seal edge are available
Standard packing
wip-1004d 4 x 4 600pcs bag
wip-1006d 6 x 6 150pcs bag 300pcs bag
wip-1009d 9 x 9 150pcs bag
wip-1012d 12 x 12 150pcs bag

cleaning and polishing stainless steel surface
superior for spill control and general wiping in iso class 5 and 6 cleanroom


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Wiper polyester polygon ผ้าทำความสะอาด

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