• Wiper microfiber - ml micro linen ผ้าทำความสะอาด
ML Micro Linen ผ้าทำความสะอาด ผ้าเช็ดชิ้นงานปลอดฝุ่น 
Cleaning wiper micro linen cleaning cloth dust cloth pieces cleaning cloth inthe clean room cloth pieces ml micro linen
composed of a strong and lint free yarn the structure of ml wipers is designed to scoop upmmicroscopic particles positively
and retain them it can also be used repeatedly depending on the cleanliness of the work environment the ml series is
ideal for applications in the  production process of hard discs lcd displays magnetic discs and other critical  environments
material composition 30dgc nylon 70dgc polyester microfiber yarns

wedge like structure with strong fibre
ultrasonic cut edges
soft strong and durable
packaged in maxclean class 100 cleanroom environment
heat sealed solvent safe double bagged clean room packaging
weight 160 grams -5grams per m2
durable and cost effective
can be used repeatedly
absorbs and retains solvents quickly and positively
ultra low lint


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Wiper microfiber - ml micro linen ผ้าทำความสะอาด

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