• Wiper polyester cleanroom wiper ผ้าไมโครไวเปอร์

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1 production s information product name non-woven cleanroom wiper

2 main components and characteristics the components and content cellulose and polyester

    appearance wWhite-like items tasteless usage electronic industry cleanroom printing industry smt

    silk screen roller wipes and precision instruments specification

3 health hazard harmless for health

4 first aid measures skin contact the current use of non-dust paper skin reactions do not appear

    eye contact use of non-dust paper does not present adverse effects of eye inhalation no inhalation of volatile substances

5 characteristics of explosion flammability combustible

6 emergency treatment of leakage no leakage of stored

7 emergency treatment of fire

1 elimination of on-site fire point

2 when fire extinguish by dry chemical powder or carbon dioxide extinguishant

3 when fire extinguish fire stand upwind and put on fire fighting clothing extinguishant

    water dry chemical powder carbon dioxide bubble

8 storage stored in dry ventilated room

9 protective measures the product is non-toxic non-hazardous products can direct contact with the product

10 physical and chemical properties melting point celsius 180 absorbent easily absorb moisture from the air

11 stability and activity stability stable hazardous polymerization no polymer incompatibility no

    conditions to avoid contact high temperature combustion decomposition results carbon dioxide carbon and water

12 environmental information the substance is harmfulness to the environment

13 information transport by ordinary cardboard packaging


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Wiper polyester cleanroom wiper ผ้าไมโครไวเปอร์

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